Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gold Cross Highlighter (Why do I own thee?)

I am not going to lie, I did not even know I had this Cross pen, marker, highlighter thingy... If did, I thought it was a ball point. But, no, I opened it up and threw out an Emeril "Bam!" I am assuming at some point I bought a Cross Highlighter refill. (Google tells me this is true.) I bet this pen was happy to get out and see sunlight, but sadly, it's going back into the drawer. I still love my Dry-lighter seen here.

Click for better images.

Wiki tells me that the modern fiber tip pen was invented in 1962 in Japan by Yukio Horie. Bless you Yukio, You rock. I imagine you woke up one day, grabbed a ball point to write down your "Cool things I want to invent today list" and your old broke roller ball was out of ink. What did you do? Did you go and get another ballpoint? Hell no, you invented the felt tip pen. That my friends... is how you get things done.

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