Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dork, Dork, Dork! Good Pen alert.

So I planned ahead and shot one of my favorite pens to have cued up and ready to blog while away in sunny Puerto Rico. Until I looked in my bag and saw the pens I had packed for the trip and realized I needed to change my plans and document this.

Let's review:

6 Fountain pens:
1 Esterbrook Cartidge
1 Preppy,
1 Pilot (man, I love this pen)
1 Sheaffer Cartridge
1 Parker 45
1 WingSung 612... all inked and ready to go.

2 Pilot G-6's both with Sarasa .4 guts. 1 red, one black.

1 Pilot g-2 .38
1 Sarasa Stick .4
1 Pilot Hi-tech-C .3
1Pilot Gel g-3 .38

and 1 pencil. .5 Pentel ICY.

That's 13 pens for 4 days. Don't count the 3 Ritz pencils I grabbed already. Like I said before, it's a known issue.

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Nrepose said...

Don't beat yourself up. There is nothing wrong with having more pens than pairs of underwear. What is on the Preppy? Is it to keep the cap from coming off? Nr

Good Pens said...

Yep, that's tape, I have had a few of mine crack(thin line) on the cap and it does not closer properly after that. The tape cures it. (and looks kinda cool?)

toyingwithlight said...

Good to see another pen dork! BTW, which Pilot fountain pen is that?

Seth said...

Toying with light- I wrote about it here in an earlier post: I might do another post about it now that I have a format and I do love this pen. thanks for reading.