Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Sheaffer Fountain Pen Cartridge filler (Meet Speedy)

If I shared the nicknames for all my fountain pens I would scare you. However, I would like you to meet "Speedy #3." There are 2 reasons for the name: #1. It was over-nighted from an eBay auction and #2 It's a cartridge filler. It as impossible to photograph, but there is an imprint on the pen that says: $2.35. Yeee-haw. that makes me so happy. In stark contrast, I paid more than that for my coffee this morning.

This pen would write for days and be happy about it. I am pretty sure you could copy the phone book, re-write a thesaurus and turn around and this pen would say" what else you got?" "yeah, I am talking to you."

It's more the blue color than anything else that makes this pen. It just makes this pen perfect. It's not special or overly expensive. It just is, to me, the classic fountain pen, sleek lines, good nib and easy to refill. Spot on...Good pen.

You will hate me, but I might not be overly creative because I am in sunny Puerto Rico this week hoping to not miss a post. Please excuse any delays on emails though. cheers!

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Nrepose said...

Puerto Rico? Must be nice. I just watched a re-run of No Reservations where Anthony Bourdain was in Puerto Rico. Be sure to eat lots of pork and watch out for El Chupacabra! Nr

OfficeSupplyGeek said...

As you know, I was inspired by your props in your photos, so I went out and got my own...I wont be changing them as frequently as you do, but I finally found one I really like...stay tuned and you will see it. :)

Enjoy the nice weather in PR! :)

Seth said...

Awesome, great stuff, looking forward to seeing the props and NR= I am just looking for the perfect paella! :) said...


I just picked up a Shaeffer like this one today, and I was wondering if you typically refill the cartridges, or spend time looking for converters. Oh, mine says $1.95 on it. Not sure if it was typical to stamp the price on FPs, perhaps a Shaeffer thing?

Good Pens said...

Alex, I refill mine with a syringe. Every now and then if I see some on sale I will pick them up but mostly I refill. I have seen the price stamped on the Sheaffers before. It's kind of neat to see!