Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Zebra See Sign Pen

I have always been a huge fan of the Pentel Sign pen reviewed here earlier, but at a recent run through a pen store I came across this little beast and I am now a two sign pen man. The reason for the tractor is, I am still fighting off a cold and needed one of these to haul my butt out of bed this morning. Plus, I have 3 hours of contract reviews coming up, so that will be fun.

The points are very similar, but the body on the Zebra is a bit wider. It still looks like a marker pen of sorts, and I have not put enough uses through it yet to see if the tip will wear down similar to the Pentels, which is pretty cool because it actually becomes a better pen when the tip is slightly rounded for me.

It's a Good Pen, and is in heavy rotation for me. It has it's uses, 3x5's, post-its, and drawing, so far so good. I recommend them if you can find it!
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Office Supply Geek said...

Dumb question, but do you happen to know what font the "Scribble" text is in the photo there? I am trying to decide on a font for some note cards I am getting made and I really like that one.

Seth said...

Sorry, wish I knew, I have had those notes for years, although it looks a little similar to the Tall Films Font here: good luck! Anyone else know? -Seth

Office Supply Geek said...

No problem, thanks for the link!

Trish Olives said...

Do you know where I can buy this? I have one from a trip to Japan, but am having trouble finding these in the states. Thanks!