Monday, December 8, 2008

Wearever....The Bastard of Pens

Wearever must feel like they were the crazy uncle with a prison history that no one talks about of the pen industry. I can't even find a wiki page for them. There's a Wiki page for Pi Day, but not one for Wearever. I both love and hate that they don't get any credit. This pen sat in my drawer for years untouched. My reply when asked was "oh, that's just a Wearever, now come over here and look at the "good" pens..." Until part boredom and part curiosity crept in and I decided to restore the old dog.

A simple tear down, ultrasonic bath, new sac and a good polishing was all that was needed to bring this one back to life. A fresh drink of Private Reserve Ebony Blue and I have a new friend. It's a very nice writing fountain pen that I have put into heavy rotation. (I don't really mean "friend" people.)

You know what? I am actually OK with Crazy Uncle Wearever. They remain cheap on Ebay and anytime I can find a 70-year old fountain pen that looks good and writes well for a few bucks... I will jump all over it... every single time. This will probably be the number 1 pen I write with this week and I could not be happier. Good Pen.
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Michael Moncur said...

Wearever made some beautiful pens - even if they were "cheap" at the time. I have a collection of their old button fillers and they used some beautiful celluloids.

bigmissfrenchie said...

I remember Wearever pens from when was a kid. They actually made throwaway ballpoints akin to the Bic. However, they were far superior to the Bic, being better made and containing the very exotic blue-black ink. However, we were forbidden in Catholic school to write with blue-black (too racy or something, who knows?), so didn't get to use them much.

Good Pens said...

thanks for the comments, I love that Blue-black was too racy. I hope you only write with bright red now just to show them up!