Thursday, December 4, 2008

Waterman Model 92

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You find some pens, and some pens find you.... this pen found me. I walked by it 5 or 6 times wandering around a store one day, till on my way out, I looked down and there it was, in a tiny box with a bunch of old gold pencils.

A quick glance showed me this #2 nib, and I was off to the register. I could smell the flex possibilities.

I believe that this was part of a pencil set, (but I might be wrong) I hope that one day I will be walking through another store and find the matching pencil. I imagine fireworks will go off, doves will burst from the ceiling and a choir will rejoice in the reunion of pen and pencil.----Actually, that would be pretty weird, maybe I will just go on Ebay and look for the match. After pulling it apart and cleaning, I will be replacing the sac on it this weekend. Hopefully I will have some writing samples next week. It's a real Good Pen.
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