Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sanford Uni-ball Vision Exact

I recently picked one of these up out of the drawer after a long period of not using and was pleasantly surprised at how well it puts a line down on paper. It doesn't try to do anything other than be a nice writing liquid .5 rollerball. I have been dealing with a ton of cranky, old fountain pen nibs lately and it was a little refreshing to "re" find this pen that just seems to write well...

Caution...use of the work "maketh" ahead!

32 people gave eulogies at Francis Bacon's funeral and they were published as a volume in Latin in 1730, contrary to popular belief, he did not just have "You can't always get what you want" by the Rolling Stones playing repeatedly, followed by a kegger at Lord Chancellor's castle.

I like this pen again, smooth writing, user friendly. It's going back into rotation and I will pick up a few more to keep around the house. It's a Good Pen.
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Nrepose said...

I like the blue. I have only used black.Nr

Office Supply Geek said...

I always have a few of those at my desk...I've even got a green one.

I find them very useful for color coding things like calendars and project lists.

Kim said...

Every time I see this pen in the pen cup I think, "why do I still have that?". And then I write with it, and I remember. I think I dis it because it's just looks messy.

Andrea said...

This is my favorite pen to draw with!!