Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sanford Uni-ball Micro (You are to blame)

Every now and then science makes a great discovery, something that ties together a string of unanswered questions, or explains the unexplainable. Like cracking the Genetic code in the 60's or the Neutron in 1935 or Silly Putty in 1943. I believe that this pen is what sent me over the edge into pen lunacy. I remember always having these pens handy and it was probably the only pen I wrote with for a long time.

At the time they seemed like the perfect pen to me; lightweight, thin, great colors and with a smooth line that was consistent. I am not sure if my tastes refined, or if I over-used this pen but the tide turned and sadly, I barely write with these pens anymore.

It is important to remember where your roots are and where things start from. Writing with this pen I was still impressed with how classic and smooth this pen writes. I am not sure if it will go back into use, but it's nice to know that I have these if needed again. Good pen.
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Kim said...

And it has those terrific slots on the cap for chewing on!!

...not that I spent a good chunk of my adolescent class time doing that.

The Old Geezer said...

This was my first rollerball. I haven't used one in years but I remember them fondly. I'm glad that they are still made and I plan on buying some one day soonish.

lightmintypfunks said...

Jumps in the time machine...

I remember trying those pens, and how superior they were to the ballpoints that lived in my house. But they always seems kind of scratchy and skippy to me.

Then I met my first Pilot Precise, and everything changed.