Friday, December 19, 2008

Parker 51 Special (Christmas Card Time)

You would think having to pick out a pen to write 85 Christmas card envelopes would be a huge dilemma for me, but not so much, It was either this or my Waterman 92 with a flex nib, but for the amount of writing I had to do...this was my "go to" pen when it came down to it . The Parker 51 "Special". The ink was the only real question mark and I ended up going with Noodler's Polar Black. I still have the inky fingers to prove it. (No pictures though.)

It's rare that I ink a pen, write with it, then clean it and put it back, but for some reason I did that tonight. I will use it soon, but not until something special pops up. I am way over my limit of inked pens and this one should be clean, or in use. I need to put that list together somewhere, but this pen is in my top 5 for writers. The nib is a perfect Fine. It's easy to fill and has not let me down.

It looks as though I will be trading my pen for a shovel this weekend. Lovely. Everybody stay safe and warm.
I will be back with another pen on Monday.

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Speedmaster said...

Nice pen, and pics. ;-)

R. Parks said...

Man, I've coveted that Parker 51 for some time now. What is the best way to acquire one of these?

By the way, I check this site everyday and enjoy the reviews. Thanks.