Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Classic Sheaffer Snorkel Fountain Pen and a winner!

It's ok to love a pen, it's just not ok to LOVE a pen. I love this pen. From the clip, to the nib, to the little white dot on the cap that makes me happy every time I see it. The Sheaffer Snorkel. Pure joy.

Some say this pen has the most complex filling system ever made. You turn a knob on the back of the pen and out of the nib pops a fill it up, then twist it again to hide the snorkel. The idea being you do not get the nib all inked up when you refill. Brilliant!

All that is great and I appreciate the engineering...but I could write with it all day and that is what is important to me. It just goes, and looks good doing it. If I could only use 5 pens for the rest of my life, this would be number 2. I will create that list in another post sometime.

Now to the Giveaway!

The magic number of pens on my desk was 59! It was listed as Price as Right Rules so it looks like KH is the winner of the giveaway from Monday and the officesupplygeek wins the prize for bringing the funny. Shoot me your details in an email and I will send the pens out. Thanks for the guesses everyone.

Here's how I keep my rotation:

I keep a small pile of "handy pens" right on my desk, I keep Pilots G2's (and variations) along with Sarasa's in the long black holder and a happy mix in the silver cup. I had a few on the other side of the desk that are not in the photo... blow up the picture and check, but trust me, there was 59 there.


Nrepose said...

Congratulations you two! What pen is that to the right of the mouse, all by itself? Nr

Seth said...

Hey NR! It's an old Sheaffer School fountain pen. I will try to write about one next week. Your pens rock by the way, I have to check where yours are.

Nrepose said...

Glad you got them. I would love to see a review about that Sheaffer. I have an old Sheaffer fountain pen that I need to clean up and review. I'd like to know how you like your Klean Kanteen too! Nr

Good Pens said...

NR- you have email

Speedmaster said...

The snorkel is one vintage pen I would like to try some day. Nice work.

Readymade said...

I have one. The filling mechanism is cool, but it's a pain to wash out the pen when you want to change inks or just store it for a while.

Anonymous said...

Great post - snorkels are wonderful pens. One comment - it appears that the snorkel tube in your 2nd picture may be rotated 180 degrees, the slope on the tube should extend upwards toward the tip of the nib. Like this /| rather than \| Should be an easy fix, slip out and rotate into position.

Best wishes.