Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All hail the Sharpie!

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Apparently, I love my Sharpies! This is just what was hanging out in my office yesterday. I definitely do NOT remember buying 6 gold Sharpies, but sure enough.. here they are. The fat cap in there is the Magnum. (More on that later.)

Doing a little research, Sharpies have been around since 1964 and they now even have a blog. With most of my pens, I have a situation where I use them: journals, drawing, notes, 3x5 etc. What I noticed with Sharpies, I just use them whenever I need them, for whatever I may need them for.
Ahhhh. the extremes....I just had to show the Magnum sharpie and the Sharpie Pen together. They both rock in their own way. The Magnum shouts at you, kicks your ass and then tags you on the way out the door, the Sharpie pen will politely burp, excuse itself and apologizes to you the whole time for "just being so darn cute."
Here they are where the rubber meets the road. Yes, they are related to each other. Sharpie equals Good Pens.

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Office Supply Geek said...

The only thing missing from this review is the distinctive smell that hits you when you uncap one...I might pop a cap off of mine and give it a sniff while I read this again. :) j/k of course...I dont advocate sniffing markers...or glue...or anything. :)