Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pilot G-3 Gel .38

I spent about 3 hours last night cleaning up some old fountain pens and re-inked 5 or so to get me through the week, then first thing this morning, I reached over for my new Pilot G-3. Remember my trip to Maido in San Jose the other week, I bought about 12 of these in this blue and black. I know it has a cap on it and most of you like to hear the little clicky clicky noises, but if you like fine tip gel pens, trust me, this pen rocks. And its resting on one of my sweet Moleskins, oh and speaking of paper products, The pen Addict opened a sister site about paper.,,,and he has another giveaway, doesn't he know we are in a recession, times are tough, stop giving all your stuff away, seriously. (or just make sure to swing some stuff my way every now and then.)
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Allen said...

There's a G3? I've heard of G1s, G2s, G6s, all those things, but a G3?