Friday, November 28, 2008

Guest Pen Cup #1

I am at my parents for Thanksgiving and wanted to try a new thing called "Guest Pen Cup" I decided a long time ago that I can tell all I need to know about people by taking a quick look into their pen cups. It's like a window to the soul.

In this case it's strictly utilitarian along with a comb just to increase the odd factor a bit. I am pretty sure I had that Sanford King Size marker 15 years ago. I am not sure how the American Pencil Co. Brown 1212 drawing pencil crept in there, it's at least 50 years old.  There are some Sharpies and a few run of the mill crappy ballpoints (I thought I taught them better.) But if push came to shove, the contents would cover just about any situation Macgyver would come across. (including wind blown hair.)


Frick said...

That looks just like the cup on my desk - a letter opener, pens from various hotels, x-acto knife (no blade), paper clips & some loose change.
Funny thing is I never use anything in the cup, it's mainly for when people pop in ask a question get an answer, need to write something down and don't have anything to write with - so they reach for "The Cup".
Funny thing no one ever walks out of my office taking any of those pens with them.

Nrepose said...

Cool idea! Here is a picture of mine, although it has changed a little since then. Nr

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