Friday, November 21, 2008

The George S. Parker # 20 1/2

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2 Parker's in a week, this is trouble.

George S. Parker... I wish I could give you a big bear hug and let you know that 100 years (or so) later, your pens put a big doofy grin on my face. (I doubt that he was a hugger, wikipedia does not mention it.)

I would fight you before giving up this pen. No holds barred, kicking and screaming. I just know that there's some history here. A lot can happen to something in 100 years, an accidental drop, or placed in a forgotten bag, or sold in Tijuana for a bottle of tequila, a tortilla press and a few sarapes. (DON'T remind me.)

But somehow, this one survived and still puts a line of ink down that makes you want to write a Senator, or phone a friend, or actually want to write something for once.

And there is just enough flex to make the good lines even better. Thank you George.

Good Pen
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Jean-Bernard said...

What ink did you use? It's really nice.

Seth said...

Hello Jean-Bernard. I replied through email, it's actually black ink on cream paper, when I adjusted the image colors it changed the way it looks. Your right though. Good color. Noodlers Walnut might be pretty close to this.

Margana said...

What a gorgeous nib! You handle it well, too. Some folks wouldn't know how to take advantage of the nib's width variation but you've done that beautifully in your example. Good job, Seth!

Librarian said...

That is an ideal pen.