Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fountain pen ink in my Pentel Energel

Every now and then I crave a different color ink in my gel pens, or I finish a disposable pen and feel like it still has some life in it, so I grab the pliers and go to work. I know I can buy a replacement for a few bucks, but that's no fun at all. Plastic tipped pliers will separate the point from the body of the pen, if your pen is not empty, prepare for a mess. (Clean up aisle 3.)

Do a proper cleaning to the tip and the tank, warm water and lots of it are the keys. Run water through all parts till it runs clear. Here everything is empty and dried out and ready to fill.

No mom, I do not do drugs, so surprise interventions over Thanksgiving, I just happen have a sweet selection of syringes for refilling my fountain pen cartridges and other pens. Tip the body back and fill it up, I think this pen will hold about 1.5 cc's of your favorite color and brand of ink, in this case, I am putting in my waterproof Baystate Blue made by Noodler's.

Close everything back up, wipe it down, check for a good seal and scribble to get the ink flowing.

Voila, your standard run of the mill liquid gel pen can hold the color of your choice. All in, this took me about 5 minutes. It's a new Good pen.
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Sheryl said...

I know I can buy a replacement for a few bucks, but that's no fun at all.
That is one reason why I prefer refillables over disposables... though taking apart a good disposable to refill it now seems like a fun concept.

mariko said...

Came over here from Pen Addict. You're kind of a crazy genius.

LizB said...

Is this the pen you did the "hack" to? I just want to know, cause i'm LOVING this idea, and if that's the pen, then i'm going to be doing this as soon as I can get to a Staples.

Pentel Energel Metal Tip Gel Roller Pen, Black, 0.7mm

Good Pens said...

yes, this exact pen, but mine was a .5. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

Cmart said...

good work, this is excellent. now i can refill my pentel energel cushion ball pens, which were recently discontinued. does it work with energel ink too?

Speedmaster said...

Very cool, nice work!! ;-)

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