Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Classics

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I am postponing the "What did she Bring me Segment" till she actually brings me something. Yesterdays texts messages went a little like this:

Her "what kind of pen do you want"
Me "just buy a pen, it's for the blog"
Her " but, what kind should I get you?"

Instead I bring you two classics. One modern and one, not so much. Some days I feel like I could do anything with a loaded Parker 51 and a Moleskin. I know you purists will run about and scream about bleeding and feathering and all that, but I deal with it. They just go so well together. When I have these at a meeting, I immediately am the cool guy, no questions asked. Instant Penvy. (Pens + Envy... get it?) In some fountain pen users eyes, the Parker 51 (any 51) is still the perfect everyday pen. I usually have 4-5 inked at any time and they are in heavy rotation.

Good pens.
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