Friday, November 7, 2008

Ch Ch Ch Changes

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I love minor variations on pens. I picked up this Pilot V Corn (Corn? Really? they named a pen after corn?) and it's a dead ringer for the Pilot V Ball Extra fine except it has a plastic clip. I am sort of curious if this is a biodegradable pen or not.

OK, Der...I just Googled... yes, it's a bio pen. I only found it on the Japanese sight and translated.

" Rollerball direct solution ceremony marked the first eco-certified product "V cone" Liquid formula is straight from the custom REZU smooth finish" Here's the translated link if curious.

It's a Good pen! I don't really feel like I am saving the world when I am writing with it, but I will give it some time just to be sure. It was cheap, I think under two bucks and I now have about 5 in my drawer so hopefully I will get to them soon!

Have a good weekend and I will post again on Monday.
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Jean-Bernard said...

I picked up one recently and I'm enjoying it as my roller ball pen of the moment. :)

Kim said...

Ooh... where did you pick this up? Just yesterday I was lamenting my contribution to the sea of plastic in the world.

Seth said...

Kim-It was another purchase from Maido in San Jose. I will do some digging to see if you can buy these online. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I think it is "cone", not "corn". The Japanese language, for what-ever reasons, can not produce an "r", such as in English; so when they decide to use the language in on their products, it can turn=out to be, well, I think it's cute, anyway'. It is a super' pen.

rochelle said...

What's the website? I used to buy them at a Japanese stationary store in San Francisco but I just moved to New Orleans and i have no idea where to get more! :) thank you!