Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Good Jetpen

Jetpens was awesome enough to send out two pens for me to take a look at.

Click for a better views. Between the .28 point and the sky blue color, it's a little hard to read on the thumbnail.

I also reviewed the Uni-Ball Signo Orange here and this one is #2.
These pens just have a great feel in the hand and put down a nice layer of ink. Even the .28 just comes flowing through. I mostly used in a Foray Notebook and had no issues with the fine lines. On some super-soft paper the point tended to dig in a bit, but that might be because I press hard when I write, I would not blame it on the pen, the paper in my sketchbooks took the pressure with no problem. These pens have gone into steady rotation on my desk and I find myself reaching for them a ton more than I thought I would.

Good Pen.

I just asked my wife to pick up a pen for me today, no questions asked. She knows I am a bit of a pen junky, so I am not sure if she will come home with another Double Jeweled, Mustard Yellow, Empire Cap Parker 51 (yes, I own one of these) or a Bic Stick, either way, Episode 1 of "What did she bring me" starts tomorrow.
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Speedmaster said...

Veru cool, nice work! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Seth, good review. The Uni-ball Signo 151s have the best fine point in my opinion. They put down a steady non-blobby line of ink in a vivid range of color. I'm always afraid something tragic is going to happen with needle points either to the point itself or to the user (careless me).

I see Bic got the short end of the invidious-comparison-stick, and rightly so. Nevertheless, if your wife brings home a green-capped Bic Crystal give it some props, it is a very rare bird.

Barrel Of A Pencil

Anonymous said...

I meant to say of course, a green-capped Bic Crystal with green ink.