Thursday, October 9, 2008

A wise man changes his mind...

Click for bigger, badder views. Unless it was out of a bottle, I rarely ever use blue in a pen. It seemed like cheating, like an amatuer, the Scarlet letter of cheap pens. Black was always the color for me. But then two seperate groups of words were put together. "Extra Fine" and "Blue". Sounds good, count me in. I present the Pilot PreciseGRIP Extra Fine. Now that I think about it, "Precise Grip" actually has nothing to do with the way the pen writes. (which is sort of dreamy) (Did I just use Dreamy in a sentence?) Crap. It should have been called the "Precise prettyfriggingoodwriter." Come on Japan, we Americans have a sense of humor. I would use that pen everyday. Untill then, I will use this pen, a lot.
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Sheila said...

i totally love your blog! i accidentally stumbled on it tonight. i am a huge fan of pens. :) and i like a lot of the pens you like. some i've forgotten about til i started reading!