Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What is going on here?

Most people will gloss over this post without a second look, unless they notice that the ink on the card seems a little blueish on the larger version or that the pen says .7 but the line says much finer. . If so, congrats and welcome to the first of my lightly modified pens. Wait, I can't even call this modified. Interchanged is a better word. For some reason, I love the Body of the Pilot g-6. It just works for me, from the grip to the window....here is the "but" but... I have been writing with G-2 so long I almost am tired of them. It just so happens that the cartridge from a Zebra Sarasa clip 0.4 fits in the G-6 perfectly, without cutting or tweaking and still clicks open and close perfectly. So, go nuts, put a green in your black body and go crazy, wear a hat, or whistle, or stare at your elders. But do not ask to borrow my G-6.
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albert said...

Great call. I love the look and quality of the G2 limited edition pen body, but my favorite color is blue-black. So I'm using a .5 zebra sarasa clip blue-black refill in it, and it's been my favorite pen ever since. Always have to keep stealing it back from co-workers though . . . :-)

Anonymous said...

Cult Pens (http://www.cultpens.com) in the UK has the European version of the G-6, the AlphaGel in 0.5:


Adam said...

Have you found any other homes for the Sarasa clip cartridges? That's one of my favorite pens, but I prefer heavy (even metal) barrels. I've mated them with the stainless steel Pentel Energel barrels, which are nicely weighted, but I'd like an even nicer barrel and weight.