Friday, October 17, 2008

Tombo Brush pen and a Dork Alert- Aisle 1

Click for larger views of course. I love Tombo Dual Brush pens. They just got it right., The fine is fine and the brush end does not fall apart after a little use. I think I bought these in a set because I have a ton around the house and I usually kill the fine point before the brush, but I don't mind, they are not that expensive and hold up well enough. Probably because capped they sit at 7.5 inches long, so a ton of room in there for ink stuff. This brown has a sepia tone to it and looks great on cream paper. (stop whispering "Dork" to your computer screen)

Click this! So I was cleaning some Fountain pens yesterday when I grabbed the Shaeffer from the shoot the other day. I know the sac is gone, so I dipped in in a Ammonia/water mix to wipe it off when this Bluey goodness came flowing out. I got to write with the pen for about 10 minutes before I had to redip and it's still going. Odd to think someone a LONG time ago put some ink in this thing that I am now using. The color of the Blue is insane and I am dying to know what it was. The picture does not do it justice. OK, keep whispering "Dork" now, I don't care. Have a good weekend and see you Monday am.
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