Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sheaffer's Lifetime

As always, feel free to click for much larger views. Being a pen dork means wanting to know a lot about your pens. That means I have a ton of books that remind me that I am a good pen geek and sometime Good pen snob. What makes me love old pens is to page through one of my books and run into a pen that I have. Meet my SheAffer's Lifetime. The second picture will go over the details. I have never inked this pen. The nib looks in great shape, but I know the sac is bad. Shaeffer's are a great place for the vintage collector to start. A quick search on Ebay shows 383 hits for "Fountain" and "Sheaffer" and I have a few on my watchlist. They are just fun, old, work well and great to look at. Kinda like Kim Basinger. There, I said it, "Vintage Sheaffer's are the Kim Basinger of Pens"
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Librarian said...

I have an identical one. A nice even writer. Replacing the ink sac is very easy, if you ever want to do it. (of course, I have about 5 pens that need it right now)