Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Parker #3 and a linkorama

The good news is, my light box is built but I am still tweaking the settings on the white balance, so bear with me a bit,. As always, click for better larger views. I have only written with this Parker 51 once as a dip pen to check the tip. The diaphragm is gone in it and I would really love to get this restored by someone good. I might give the another try. I love my Parker's but openly admit I have not done the research on all of them to determine the exact year. On a few I have just because I knew they were something special (teaser) but not all. I am pretty sure this is my exact model but whatever. I just want to get it writing. I totally stole an idea from the pen Addict and started a Flickr group called "Good Pens" Hope he's not mad. Right now I am the lone member, so feel free to join if you like. Ciao
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dowdyism said...

Thief! lol

Just kidding - the more the merrier in my book. I'll join right up and will try to remember to publish the link this weekend.