Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An old friend comes to town

As always click for much bigger photos. The Pentel Tradio! A true Hybrid of pens, it's not a Roller, it's not a traditional Fountain, I am not sure what it is, but I know I like to write with it and the refills are not cheap to come by. Ok, I know I have to get a light box together as well. My photos need some love despite the fact I have a much better camera than I need (Nikon D80) And yes, this is the box of pens I found in my house yesterday. I moved 2 years ago, so I know it's at least that long since I saw this. Scary I know, I have to dig through it and promise to post a few pens from here. Unless they are all crap, then, well, you know. I usually grab this pen when I want a hassle free writing session. I dont have to worry about refilling, or skips, or leaving the cap off for a few minutes it just goes, it's the Toyota Camry of Pens. Heck, might even be the Corolla of pens, but it writes well and makes me happy. Oh, and Redsox playoffs start tonight so Go Sox and all that.
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S.L. Dixon said...

Great blog, great pens. Came here via your flickr pics. I'm starting to develop a pen fetish, too. Didn't realise it'd be so addictive! I bought my first fountain pen today - a Parker Frontier (just want to test them out). Fun stuff. Keep up the good work! (Postscript: I've got a blog, too where I post on my writing and pens and notebooks and such:

Cheers, and go Sox!