Monday, October 13, 2008

Meet Ester

Click for better view. The Esterbrook, If memory serves, it is a J model, Esterbrook made points and nibs well before the civil war, so whatever, I am just trying to be smart. This pen was a daily writer for me for about 2 years. Very dependably, has a good sac and has seen more fill ups than my local Hess station (not really, but I ran out of coffee this morning.) Along with the Parker 51's I have to give the nod to this pen. Looks great. writes very strong and I can use just about any ink in it and be happy. Speaking of ink, I am making a run for some fresh Noodlers ink this week. Considering the Baystate Blue, but will let you know. And I threw in a little Jason Varitek for good measure. Go Red Sox.
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Librarian said...

Sorry for all the comments but anyway I am a fan of Esterbrooks and have nothing bad to say about them.

Chris said...

I love my Esterbrook J. It's my favorite drawing pen. I first found out about the 9128 nib from Russell Stutler's website.