Friday, October 3, 2008

Lamy # 1

Click for larger views. I think most people have a Lamy in their collections. They are easy to find, not that expensive, look good in your hand and I think I might own about 25 of them. But this is the first Lamy I ever bought. It's not perfect, I have to convince it to flow some days, but what it lacks in starting ability, it makes up for in finesse. Sort of like having to hand crank a Volvo wagon. Yes I said it, Lamy's are the Volvo's of Fountain pens= Solid, steady, a lot of people own them. I know Lamy is a German company and Volvo's are Swedish, but whatever. I do some art with my Fountain pens and the Lamy is usually not an empty pen. Birthday edition of Good Pens, so off to work, then Sushi, then go Red Sox again.
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Biffybeans said...

Lamy's are really great for drawing because of their hard nail-like nibs.

I love them. I own 5. Was 6, but I just got rid of a Lamy 2000.

And thanks for the linkage!