Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is that a pencil?

Yes it is. I am not a complete pen only snob. Every now and then I love a good mechanical. I present the Zebra Frisha Automatic. .5. Two cool things about this pencil. 1. Automatic lead feed when writing and 2.With a shake of the pencil, a little bit of lead will advance. It's kind of funny because whenever I pull it out of my bag, there's usually an inch or so of lead hanging out from my bag shaking. This is probably my number one go to for pencils.

I was going through the airport in Houston this week and stopped by Hudson News and apparently, they have a magazine devoted to watch connoisseurs. Now those people are freaks. :)
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Nrepose said...

I have one of these and they are good pencils. The shake is interesting.Mine seems to always have lead out too.