Friday, October 24, 2008

I love gooooooold.

For those of you who get it:
Goldmember:" Would you like a shmoke und a pancake?"
I thought it was funny, anyway. It's always interesting where you get your pens from. In this case, my wife and I used these pens for something at our wedding. Might have been signing the guest book or whatever, I would have never bought this pen on my own to use as a writer, but I kept it and use it and I can buy the Faber-Castell refills for it.

It's a pretty sweet writing pen that I will use to add some color to my black and white stuff, but I have been known to grab it for call and notebooks. Ignore the ink bottle, it's just a prop and the only gold looking thing I had around this morning. Red-eye's tend to leave you stumbling around for a while in the mornings. Have a great weekend.
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