Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fortune favors the Brave. Cross Pen

I have never been a huge fan of Cross Pens. (founded in 1846 in R.I. if anyone ever asks you.) Mainly because they were too skinny for my hands, but this is the phat version. What I love about this pen is the way it closes and caps. Little rubber gaskets create a nice little seal and it just feels well built. Another medium, so I do not do a ton of writing with it, but its nice in the box and I know it is there if needed. Again, no idea where I got this one. It's kind of sad, I have a good memory, but as I pull these pens out to shoot them... I have no idea where they came from. I stayed up to watch the Red Sox, yes they won. (yay) Tomorrow, by the way will be my birthday edition of Good Pens.
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