Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Sheaffer Fountain Pen

Cartridge filler although, based on the dried ink on the nib, I have only done a dip to check the nib. Another question mark on where I got this one. Click for larger picture. As far as classic looking pens, I think this might be it. Black, Chrome, a little streamlined and looks great sitting in a shirt pocket. I should see if any of my refills work with this one.

If you ever happen to be in San Jose and are looking for some pens, you have some awesome options, but Maido on Santana Row is incredible. Small little Japanese Stationary store, but done very well. Every pen had a sampler, and my Moleskin looked like a clown threw up in it.

I picked up a few pens I have not seen before in my usual spots and I now have a new favorite .38 gel pen. (which says a lot) More to follow on that, but to say the trip was budget busting is an understatement. I am always surprised that those stores are so light on Fountain Pen inks in a bottle, but they did have Sailor which made me happy. Back to Boston (home) today. Thanks for all the great comments and emails everyone I appreciate it.
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Speedmaster said...

Very nice pen! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Repeat after me SHEAFFER, not how you spelled it. Correct spelling of Sheaffer is a requirement for Sheaffer collectors/users!

Seth said...

you are right, I stand corrected. I blame the time zones and Tequila. It is fixed.