Monday, September 22, 2008

Well Used Standard

Click for better view.  If there ever was a pen that if I lost, I would seriously need professional help to get back in the saddle this would be the one. Fairly fat body with a perfect point. I think I bought this in Japan about 10 years ago. So for a disposable pen I really got my moneys worth. I have been "refilling" it for a very long time. There is not a word on it other that "MBP" on the nib. I used this one to sign the paperwork for the house I live in and I have not looked where to buy more of these, but I should own about a hundred as backups. If you know where I can buy another feel free to let me know. I am going to go put it back in the safe at the end of today (kidding... sort of...not really.)
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