Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two for Tuesday

Click for better views. If I had a time machine, I would not use it for good or for evil. But what I would do is hop on back to 1940 and head to the nearest store and buy every single Parker Fountain pen that I could find. OK, I might also go place a bet on who wins the world series that year. (just had to Google, it was the Reds, Duh.)
So I pulled these out of the safe yesterday and refilled both of them. I need to get these restored. Speaking of restoring, this guy is amazing. http://munsonpens.wordpress.com/ No, he has not sent me a check to mention his name, but I love the way he photographs and documents his restores. Mad props. Both of these pens are a joy to write with. They make me want to buy nice paper. They make me want to call up strangers and tell them about my pens. (except for you Mr. Johnson, I remember you putting me on the do not call list) Gold has never been my thing, I was always a silver guy, but with pens... bring it. I gotta go make a checklist for something just to write with these now.
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Ryan@Brassing said...

+1 (a BIG +1) for Phil Munson. I read his blog quite frequently and he's been a HUGE help to me in the quest to identify and track down some information on some late-20s lever fillers (Thompson flat tops, in case you're interested) over the years. Truly an asset to the fountain pen collecting and restoration community. One of these days when I'm up in the Twin Cities, I'm going to take him out for coffee!

I know I'm really late to this party, but you've got a great blog going here! Keep up the excellent work!