Monday, September 29, 2008

New Fountain Pen

So I did go to New York and I did go to my favorite Japanese pen store, and I did spend way too much money on pens. Most were my regular everyday pens that just needed replenishing, but I found this little $8.95 wonder. They had a clear version that was a little sweeter, but that was a tester and they were not willing to part with it, so I bought the black one. Comes in a tube, Made by Pilot and that is all I know because the rest of the writing is in Japanese. and one of the finest fine points I have ever uses. Perfect for my small moleskin. No pen clip, but I can deal with that, it mostly will be a desk pen. It's a cartridge filled joy and I bought a few spares as well. As always click for larger views and see you again tomorrow.
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Foye's Principles of Medicinal Chemistry said...

Which Japanese store was this? I live in New York and I would love to drop by and visit this store.

Blake said...

The pen can be found here: