Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meet my Wife

Click for Bigger View. So, I wanted to introduce everyone to one of my favorites. The Sarasa 0.4 by Zebra. (and you thought this blog was all about fountain pens). Tisk, Tisk, man cannot live on Vacuumatics alone. Haven't heard of it? They are sort of hard to get. I bought my first one of these though and also find them at the Kinokuniya Book store in NY. (Trip down from Boston tomorrow for a fresh supply of pen goodness tomorrow) I will leave the reviews up to but all I can say is: I buy these by the 20 pack. At $1.65 I give them out to people I am trying to convert into pen lovers. These pens make me a 7th day Adventists of pen gospel. They make me want to get on a bike and ride around the Country telling people about these pens. If loving this pen is write, I don't want to be wrong.
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Marne said...

This is in my top 5!! I LOVE THIS PEN! I get them at Kinokuniya as well! Anytime Im in NY, LA or SF, I stock up. I cant even bear to throw them out when they are empty. I keep them in an envelope labeled "Pen Corpses".

Adam said...

I know the best way to find out is to just try it, but I was wondering if .4 ink would fit in the body of .7? Is any modifying necessary?

Seth said...


If you are talking Sarasa to Sarasa...It should just plug right in...let me know if it doesn't and I will take a look. Good luck. I do it with my G2's all the time.