Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bill Night

Last night was bill writing night, Which is usually just an excuse for me to fire up a nice pen and enjoy writing. So I grabbed this one, filled with some fresh ink, got it running and went to doing my part to support the economy.    As I was writing, I realized I had no idea where I got this pen. I always loved the way it looked, but I do not remember buying it, so it was probably a gift. Medium Iridium point, the cap has "Modele Recife depose" pressed into the metal. A quick Google search looks like it might be from Levenger. Definitely a gift. But writes well. Probably not an everyday pen for me, a little heavy on the ink, but still nice to have. I will burn through this tank and put it back away for a while. I also found a box of pens I forgot I had, so I might be showing that off tomorrow. It's a little scary.
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