Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Frixion friction functions failing!

Craziness...My notes are disappearing from my notebook! I think the culprit might be that I left my work notebook (Shinola) in my hot car the other day.  Today, when I went to go back though my notes from earlier in the month,  whole sections had disappeared.  The parts you see here are non Frixion.

Anyone else had this happen to them?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pilot FriXion Ball 4 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen IN .38!

So, last week I am sitting in a French restaurant in Yokohama, Japan at a business meeting. The guy across the table from me has a monogrammed Pilot Frixion in .38 and I loved it. You may recall that in the past I said that multi-pens tend to do a lot of things...but none of them that well.  

Something clicked and I needed to have this pen. (Not that exact one silly, it was already monogrammed.)  The search was on and I started swinging by the stores, but all I can find are the .5's.  I did find one .38 but it was in some sort of lavender color and I couldn't pull the trigger.
Oh, by the way,  the 7-11's in Japan have a ridiculously awesome array of pens. Anyhow...cut to the airport later that week. .5's everywhere,  but then across the display,  I spy the .38 refills.  BOOM, problem solved. Except for green, I could not find the green refills.  No biggie,  I can deal. 
Elusive little guys
So, for about 3 bucks a color, I made the pen more enjoyable for me. (I am not calling this a hack, that terms is getting overused in the pen circles.)  
I like the Frixions.  I wish the ink was a little darker, but I get it...  It's cool technology with the heat/ friction erasing capability so I will cut them some slack on the darkness level.  I am generally not a .5 anything type of guy, so thinner is better regardless.
 It was a 2 second fix, the same as refilling,  pop out, pop in, screw the top back on.  Easy.  The white ones have the ,38 tip.
Green is .5, blue is .38
It's not coming across on the paper as well,  but it is a subtle enough of difference that I prefer the thinner width. (Blue) I started taking my work notes in different colors (red is for action items) and I have been picking this pen up more and more in my daily writing. I like the weight, I like the feel and this is the most that I have used a multi-pen in forever.
 I have not looked to see if the .38's are available in the US.  I have seen the .5's for sale (Jetpens) and unless you geek out on thinner widths,  the .5 should be fine for you.
Springy Spring
The spring clip is a nice touch. It's still a pretty big pen to throw in your shirt pocket, but at least you know it will stay there.  So,  what else is new with me lately?  I bought a TON of pens and notebooks. I bought a lathe to consider making pens with. The Red Sox are on an incredible run and I rescued this little Mastiff/ Lab mix.
Meet Boden the Great. 

My next post will probably be how I have just about perfected the perfect pen cup.  Not the actual cup, but the contents.  It's close to awesome and I will get it there before I post.  Cheers.

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Three Amigos

Like a lot of you, I buy pens. Sometimes= for all the wrong reasons. Some people tend to eat when they are bored...some people play games...I tend to make rash, odd pen purchases.  I generally remain within budget and try not to splurge and I think this is how I ended up with these Jinhao fountain pens. Probably off of Amazon, maybe off of Ebay or possible from Jetpens.  No clue.
They are cool looking right?  Nice beefy clip, nice colors, clear all around so you can see that ...yes, those are converters in there.  I am not positive, but I think these are the 599's.  (Which is also about what I think I paid for all three.)  I could be wrong on both of those assumptions.  

I am pretty sure I know what happened...I bought these, inked one up, decided they were a little too mediumy for my taste and tucked them away.  My nib taste has been running in the EXTRA fine mode for fountain pens lately and rarely go too far away from that. I think only one has been inked. It's a small, tidy, cheap sin... I know. 
Here's how they break down,  I know what you are saying.  Looks a lot like a Lamy.  Well who am I to assume that, but yes,  it's a little eerie. 
 Spooky World!

My Lamy has a black nib, so they are clearly not similar. Case Closed, Court Adjourned, Brady is a free man. 
But, really,  these are not terrible.  The nib is smooth,  it's not a overly light pen and when writing it has a nice balance to it.  This could be on the list of pens that if I lost, I wouldn't go crazy searching the house for it. (The Mrs. is still looking for her good set of keys by the way.)  

In other news,  (and speaking of eerie)  Lewis nailed the small little contest I held and with a few tips CRUSHED the test.  Lewis your prize is... pick one of the above pens,  I will clean it, buff it up and ship it out to you.  Give me a shout and it's a done deal. 

Bottom line (almost literally)  take a chance,  skip the Venti Extra Hot soy decaf latte and go buy a cheap pen.  Use it, or give it away.  No harm- no foul.  Everyone should have a few inked up just in case. 



Monday, August 10, 2015

New Jetpens order in...

Can you name all 3 items?  First person to do so correctly in the commenys will win something cool. 

Clue #1. All pens

Friday, August 7, 2015

Dear pen chewers of the world...

I don't like you.  You make my life really hard.  It's not easy telling someone that this is probably not polishing out.  

Find a straw or something and get rid of your oral fixation.  Not on Sheaffer's.  And yes, I realize this was probably done 20 years ago.  

Enjoy your (pen chewing free) weekend!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Daily 5 examined.

I looked down at my desk and found out I was pretty happy with the 5 pens that I have been keeping inked up and alive.  Five is a really good "everyday at the office" number for me.    Starting left to right:

1. Pentel Sign Pen.  (.42 cents or so)
I buy these by the 12 pack from Amazon.  If I need to scribble details on a call or meeting, I grab this.  Writes big, fat, sloppy and is guaranteed to write. AK-47... not built for precision, but built to work, regardless. 

2. 0.5 Pentel mechanical non pen. ($4.00)
I generally prefer a .04,  but I also prefer that I can heavy hand it and the lead will not snap. I use the Lamy lead refills.  They are a little more expensive, but for some reason they work out better for me. 

3. Pilot G-6 07.  (5.00)
kidding,  seriously,  did you just meet me?  OK,  it's a G-7 body with a Zebra .04 refill in it.  I have a small trick that I use to make it better and will go over in another post.  But comfort wise... I am happiest here. 

4. Hero 616.  ($1.00) 
Yes, there are two fountain pens here.  This one stays filled with Thornton's Luxury Goods Black ink.  Never gets cleaned... just refilled. I tweaked the nib to where it's somewhere between a fine and a medium and it's juicy. Not good for cheap paper, but good for my better notebooks.   If someone asks me about this pen,  I usually give it away to them and buy these by the 12 pack. 

5. Pilot Penmanship. ($.8.00)
 Extra fine goodness,  I swear this would write on toilet paper without bleeding. I think it's a refilled cartridge with Parker's Super Quink but I am not sure.  I just simply love it and have used this one for 3 or 4 years now consistently

I do realize that these 5 pens are fairly inexpensive,  but I don't mind that at all.  These 5 will get me through 99% of my writing needs and I can easily replace them (by going to my stash) where I have backups.  

Any one's daily 5 close to mine?



Monday, March 23, 2015

Daily Carry

Quick update on the pens that I carry on a daily basis and what has been in heavy rotation.  The other side of the book has my fountain pens.  Will get a shot of those later. The G-6 has a Sarasa .4 (blue-black) in it (as does the Waterman.)   Click for a better view.  I need to review the Techno Line,  I really like that little thing.   After going from 20-30 pens in my bag, I have settled down a little.  This changes when I travel, but for now I am happy with the rotation.
It's good to be back. 

Good Pens

Friday, March 20, 2015


Change your bookmarks, call your friends.  It's a brave new world. is live.  (and in motion.)


A collection and insight into the pens I use and love and a few of the dead ones as they pass their last drops of ink to paper from a pen junky.